Monday, 16 February 2009

PC enclosures wins project for Dubai

In the 10 years we have been trading, supplying a standard range of industrial computer enclosure, we have been known for our high quality of product and the cost effective pricing, to the extent of International company's contacting us asking us to supply them with our products.

Computer Security & Solutions have won projects in Texas for their LCD enclosures, that are used in outdoor digital signage solutions. The protective enclosures are to be used in extreme conditions, were the external temperature will range from -20 in the winter to +140 degrees Celsius in the summer! The special cooling system used will enable the customer to set the internal temperature and the outdoor digital sign will run throughout the winter and the summer uninterrupted. Without the need for an air conditioning unit.

In December 08, we where asked to tender for a contract in Dubai, we did and we were up against the top 3 manufacturers of PC enclosures in the world. The criteria was the enclosures had to offer dust protection, due to the sand and high temperatures. The proposed solutions was out 17+ enclosure, this accommodates the monitor in the top section, with the PC base unit in the middle section and the keyboard in the roll out tray below.

On the 24 December 08, we received notification that we had won the tender and over the Christmas holidays, the units were scheduled to be air freighted to Dubai, landing in Dubai on the 3 January 09, the clients were very impressed with the service, especially knowing the Christmas shut down.

Keep a look out for more unususal used for industrial computer enclosures.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

PC enclosure sale not Just in January!

As the recession bits deeper, many manufacturers are finding it difficult to maximise their advantage with customers due to the lack of computer automation on the factory floor, these businesses are loosing money on a daily basis, as they have no idea of where their business is, in respect to profit and loss at any given time.

Due to the demand for businesses to understand the need for Industrial PC enclosures, a PC enclosure manufacturer decided to start 2009 with a huge push to educate businesses, so that these businesses can harness the success others are experiencing.

This manufacture of computer enclosures offers a free trial, so customers can see the benefit before committing to buying. They also offer excellent cost effective solutions for any enclosure for IT hardware.

They will buy back old/damaged PC cases and recycle them, they also use elctric vehicles for their deliveries, reducing their carbon foot print.

Do you want the best service in the computer cabinet industry? If you go to PC enclosures Direct.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Industrial Computer Enclosures - Saving money in a recession.

When money is tight in an economic slow down businesses decide to tighten the purse strings, however there are some businesses that are investing heavily in computers for the factory floor, their forward thinking is that if they automate the factory floor they can control the production and know exactly were a job is and how much profit or loss it's made.

Now to do this they can either purchase expensive Industrial PC's, or they can use a more cost effective solution by purchasing standard computers and installing them in a PC enclosure, these units protect the computer, monitor and keyboard from dirt, dust and fluid, allowing them to run with no special software or expensive maintenance contracts.

Industrial computer enclosures have been used in the UK for the past 10 years, were Computer Security & Solutions have been manufacturing solutions for the IT industry.

Their recent development was to launch a new product to protect LCD TV's, the unit is an LCD enclosure for digital signage, as digital signage is huge is the USA and Europe and estimated to be worth $7 billion!